I am very happy indeed with the service from Wwebcon and the advice saved me a lot of money and form filling, which is always great news. I'll certainly pass on recommendations to anybody that I come across requiring insurance.
Sent: Sunday, 30 April 2017


Managing Director TSP
I have trusted the WWEBCON team to handle my medical insurance needs for around the last 10+ years  and it is a pleasure to deal with professionals who listen to my requirements instead of following their own agenda.. My experience has been extremely positive and I think they do an excellent job across changing geographical boundaries and local healthcare legislation. I have on several occasions recommended them to other people and see no reason why I will not will continue to do so.
Sent: Thursday, 20 October 2016


Antony Bond
I in turn thank you and the team for the great service you all provide, it really is a pleasure to do business with you all.
Sent: Thursday, 17 March 2016 2:44 PM


Long term family WWEBCON has looked after
Your company have been providing me and my family with health insurance for the last 10 years, I appreciate all of the excellent professional help, again, thank you so much…… I'll make sure that I refer your company to anyone who's looking for an excellent and professional assistance in their insurance needs, thank you…. really thank you so much for a great customer service.
Sent: Monday, 16 May 2016 10:41 AM


Louise Dangerfield
We have worked with WWEBCON for a number of years and over that time have built a strong working relationship with them. They look after a number of our clients across Africa and provide exceptional customer service.

Louise Dangerfield
Account Manager
Optimum Global Insurance Company

Sent: Thursday, 24 November 2016


Ian Jiggens
WWEBCON is our insurance advisor for over three years. Their understanding of our business requirements, responsiveness & support has been excellent and their expertise in the insurance industry has enabled us to have comprehensive coverage and service at all times. Our experience with WWEBCON has been very good and we appreciate the prompt and professional services rendered.
Sent: Sunday, 01 December 2016
Redeemer Church
We have been with WWEBCON since 2014 and they have been consistent in this: they serve us so well and we are just one of the happy clients.
Sent: Monday, 12 December 2016


Brian S. Piper – Head of Global Business Development, Integra Global Ltd.
Over the past several years we it has been a sincere pleasure to work with – WWEBCON.

Among brokers we find WWEBCON to be professional, sincere, passionate about their work and dedicated to their clients and their business partners. We have witnessed their expansion from the Middle East and Africa to South East Asia, which is an attribute to their success.

They are creative thinkers, open to new ideas of how they can best support their clients with bespoke solutions. When it comes to healthcare cover this is the type of broker one should seek to align with. As a client, I am certain you will find them a delight to work with.

Sent: Monday, 13 November 2017